From humble beginnings in Charleston, South Carolina, Will Goss was destined for a life of music. Born into a musical family, Will began to sing and play piano at a young age, learning the songs of legendary musicians like Billy Joel, Ray Charles, and Elton John.

In college he began to write his own music, culminating in his first full-length album release in April 2015. He continues to play live, wowing crowds with his voice, his piano-playing, and his passion for music.


Will Goss Album Cover


Released April 10, 2015

1. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
2. I Got It
3. As I Hold You
4. Red Devil
5. Night
6. Mess Around
7. Not Enough
8. Piano Ballade No. 1




Sep 9
  • Will Goss Band @ Silver Dollar  10 PM

Sep 10
  • Will Goss Band @ Loggerhead's  10 PM

Sep 17
  • Will Goss Band @ Wild Wing Cafe  9 PM

Sep 22
  • Will Goss Band @ Taco Boy  7 PM

Sep 24
  • Will Goss Band @ Silver Dollar  10 PM

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