Born into a musical family, Will Goss was destined for a life of music. Some of his earliest memories include singing around the house and being dragged to his brother’s piano lessons. In middle school he was introduced to Billy Joel, his favorite artist, who inspired him to begin writing songs on the piano.

The rest, as they as, is history.

In April 2015 he released his debut full-length album and in 2016 was endorsed by Nord Keyboards. He continues to play live, wowing crowds with his voice, piano-playing, and his passion for music.


Will Goss Album Cover


Released April 10, 2015

1. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
2. I Got It
3. As I Hold You
4. Red Devil
5. Night
6. Mess Around
7. Not Enough
8. Piano Ballade No. 1




Sep 30
  • Will Goss Band @ Silver Dollar  10 PM

Oct 1
  • Will Goss Band @ Private Event  4 PM

Oct 5
  • Will Goss Band @ Lagunitas Brewery  4 PM

Oct 7
  • Will Goss Band @ Silver Dollar  10 PM

Oct 15
  • Will Goss Band @ Shelter  12 PM

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