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Will Goss is a composer and songwriter for video games and other audiovisual media. Click below to listen to his most recent work or to get in touch about a project.

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Will Goss is a composer, pianist, vocalist and songwriter from Charleston, SC. Born into a musical family, he’s been singing his entire life and playing piano since the seventh grade. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina and is currently finishing his B.A. in Music Composition at the College of Charleston.

In 2008, Will first began to compose, writing small form pieces for piano and choral ensembles, and in 2014 he transitioned into more serious composition. Since then, he’s developed a style focused on memorable melodies and motifs along with rich harmonies and interesting soundscapes. This approach lends itself to a wide range of genres, which is reflected in his varied output that includes orchestral music, acapella choral music, 80s synth rock, and more.

As an all-around music-lover, this website is not just a place to host Will’s portfolio, but is where he posts about contemporary music that he’s discovered, along with the occasional harmonic analysis, as well as music of the past that he’s only recently discovered for himself. It’s also where he chronicles his professional journey through the music business, so hopefully between all that you’ll find something useful here!

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